VLT® AutomationDrive FC 360

Dedicated drive for industrial applications in a compact, energy saving package.

The VLT® AutomationDrive FC 360 is a
reliable, energy effi cient and userfriendly
solution placed in a price/
performance sweet spot, making it a
preferred choice for OEMs.

Designed to work in harsh and humid
environments, the drive provides reliable
operation in industries such as
textile, plastic & rubber, metal work,
material handling, food & beverage,
and building materials.

The drive enables precise and effi-
cient motor control of a wide range
of industrial applications such as
extruders, winders, conveyors, drawing
benches, ring frame, texturizing,
pumps, and fans.

The efficient cooling concept ensures
there is no forced air over the printed
circuit board, which improves reliability.
Also, a removable fan makes

it possible to clean the inside of the
drive quickly and easily, thereby
reducing the risk of downtime.

FC 360 reduces initial costs and eff ort
with a wide range of built-in features
that simplify installation and commissioning,
including an EMC fi lter,
built-in brake chopper up to 22kW,
and a user-friendly graphic LCP that
supports English and Chinese.

A built-in DC choke reduces harmonics
to less than 43% ThiD , signifi –
cantly extending the lifetime of the
DC capacitors. Application selection
guides enable users to set up common
applications easily.

Product range
3 x 380 – 480 V …………………0.37 – 75 kW

Enclosure ratings
IP 20